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Hi, I'm Don

And I'm Obsessed With Small Business Growth

Over the past 25 plus years of sales, business ownership and trying several different things to grow my businesses,  I discovered 7 FORCES that drive double digit growth.

I share the 7 FORCES with small business owners as a blueprint for getting their business to the next level.

If you’re ready to finally have the growth and success that you’ve dreamed about, then you’re in the right place.

Look around, grab the 7 FORCES FREE Video Series and if you like what I do, reach out.  I’d be happy to connect with you.

All my best,

“My business has grown tremendously – revenues are up, we have more customers and our business is more organized than ever before”  

Mike Murray, Owner – Aplus Paper Shredding

Take Your Business To The Next Level
7 FORCES That Drive Small
Business Success!

Services Offered

What I Do
Coaching Package

Help To Solve A Specific Problem

The Break-Through Coaching package is specifically designed to help you improve your results, resolve an issue or speed-up your success. Through the F.R.E.E. problem solving process, you're able to address core issues and create a customized solution to overcome setbacks, challenges or uncertainties.

One Page Success
Plan Course

On-Demand Program

The One Page Success Plan Course helps you achieve the success that you want faster and with less stress. It lays out the business functions required for success (the 7 FORCES) and walks you through how to create and organize each of them onto one page, so that you have a roadmap to follow for success.

Better Business
Better Life Program

PersonalizeD Coaching

Business ownership not been what you expected? Are you working more hours, making less money and worried? Have you just accepted how things are, but secretly still desire to achieve the success that you dreamt of when you first started your business? If so, this program is for you.

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How I help Small Business Owners
Grow Their Business by Double Digits

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How I See Things

Rapport 2.0: Don’t Fall For The Rapport Trap

Attention salespeople, don’t fall into the rapport trap. Your prospects don’t need a new best friend, they need a solution to their problem. So for goodness sake, stop asking about the fish on the wall, commenting on their beautiful family, or telling them how great their favorite sports team is.

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Need Sales, But Hate Selling

Need Sales But Hate Selling … Do This

Have you heard the old saying, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something?” It’s true, but for a lot of business owners and salespeople, getting more sales is a challenge. Why is that the case?  A major reason for many of us is our Inner Game – the messages that we

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Hate Losing Deals You Thought were in the bag

Tired of Losing Deals You Thought Were In the Bag?

How many times have you thought you had business in the bag only to find out, at the last minute, you LOST the deal?  A common misfire, in the beginning of your selling process is often to blame.  For many, our prospecting effort is just a part of our selling effort.  So

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I love talking business! If you have a question about anything that you’ve seen on my site or about a need that you have, let’s talk!

I am happy to answer questions about the 7 FORCES,  my background, the services that I offer, or talk with you about any specific need that you have for your business. 

I love exploring challenges to see if I can help solve them.  So, my pledge is no pitches just a conversation. 

I look forward to exploring if what I know and have done for others can help you take your business results to the next level.



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