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[Business Owners] Feeling Rudderless And Need Answers

[Business Owners] Feeling Rudderless And Need Answers

How to do you measure success? There are many ways, one of the best and most rewarding ways I’ve found is by measuring how many lives you positively impact.  If you know in your bones what you do absolutely improves people’s lives, then you practically have an obligation to find and help as many people as you can.  But this is where many owners struggle.  They can’t attract and close enough new customers, because their sales approach is ineffective, so their business suffers.

Despite this reality, many continue doing what they always done.  They don’t adapt or adjust.  Instead, they justify not changing by telling themselves that what they’ve done got them to where they are today.  But they miss the bigger point, which is where could they be now if they would have made an adjustment?

  • How many no’s could have been yeses?
  • How much worry and stress could have been avoided?
  • How much money could be in the bank that slipped through their fingers?
  • How many opportunities for growth and expansion were missed?

Change is tough and running a business is scary.  But the emptiness and constant uneasiness that comes from poor sales results is a special stress - it’s immense.  The concern of things not working and the rudderless feeling of not knowing for sure what to do next is nearly unbearable when the bills are piling up and sales aren’t coming in!

If you’re not getting the sales you need, you have two choices.  You can soldier through; living by your can-do attitude and fumbling through as you figure things out with hit-and-miss inconsistency.  Or, you can set aside your sense-of-pride and belief that as the owner you have to have all the answers, and get help that will speed-up your success, lower your stress and give you back your peace-of-mind.

The road to turning things around runs through two tough questions that you must be willing to honestly answer.  First, you have to soul search and ask yourself candidly if you have the knowledge and skills needed to drive sales at the level your company requires.  You may not like it, but just look at your results and you’ll have your answer.    Second, you have to evaluate if your knowledge and passion about your offering has been enough to bring in the amount of new customers you need to thrive.  Most often, being excited about what you offer isn’t enough to compete and win against your competition’s well-orchestrated sales plan.  The truth is, you probably won’t like asking and honestly answering these two questions, but if you will, the answers should help you see a new path and realize that risking your company over your ego isn’t worth it.

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