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Business Owners, Want More Customers?

Business Owners, Want More Customers?

Many business owners fight relentlessly every day to make a profit so they can stay in business.   Bringing in new customers and growing revenue is at the heart of the challenge.  The challenge gets even tougher when you “wing it” with your selling effort.

Shooting from the hip removes any control you have to directly impact getting business, and basically says you have more belief in the ability to magically land on the issue that motivates your prospect to buy, than you do in a systematic approach that can be measured and honed.   

If you want to grow your business and profit consistently and reliably, you can’t afford to sell by chance; you have to focus on how you sell.  The truth is, it’s tough out there.  Competition is fierce!  Driving sales is a full-time job that requires you to continuously be on the lookout for people to do business with.  Finding opportunities is hard.  Closing them with regularity is nearly impossible, if you “wing it”.

If you’re struggling, it’s time to look at how sales are being handled within your company.  A good place to start is to look at what's being done to land new business.  Is it repeatable?   If it isn’t, that’s your starting point.  You must absolutely be sure that your products or services are being presented and represented consistently.  Systemization is how big success and money is made, not by reinventing the wheel every day.  With a repeatable process, you’ll be able to measure and improve instead of guess and wonder.

Zeroing-in and repeating what’s working and avoiding what’s not, alone will add dollars to your company.  You’re not going to like this, but what if you had kept a list over the past few years of all the sales opportunities that you had but lost; how much would that list of misses add-up to?  How much money have you loss from “winging it” that could be in your business right now that you could use to take things to the next level - buy more equipment, hire more people, advertise for more customers.

Also, it's tremendously important,  in the grind of running your business, not to lose sight of the fact that the product or service you provide is not your business; your business is selling.  Without sales, you don’t get to do what you love and enjoy.  Therefore, take the time and effort to develop the steps in your sales effort so that you are able to land more customers and grow your business with consistency and reliability.

SuccessPath, based in Louisville Kentucky, provides business coaching and sales training for small business owners and their team.  They approach training from the inside out, tackling  inner messages like self-doubt, concern of not measuring-up and fear of failure that hold back results and sabotage success.  If you're looking for new ways to get get results, visit and find out what we're doing that's helping business owners grow by 10, 20 even 30% a year.  Click here to get our FREE video series4 Pillars for a Better Business, Better Life, to take your business to the next level - visit and get them while they are still FREE.  

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