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Cracking The Code For More Sales

Cracking The Code For More Sales

Are you finding out the hard way that you’ve fallen into the “sales activity trap” and that making more sales calls isn’t leading to more closed business for you?  You’re not alone. The idea that sales is a numbers game has been around a long time and is still embraced by many even today.

Over the years of running businesses and working with owners and their salespeople, I’ve discovered 3 irrefutable laws that will align your selling effort so that you properly address and handle the initial sales steps that are critical to attracting more customers, growing your business and improving your sales results.

Most people mistakenly assume the following about making more sales:

  • Just about anyone is a potential target
  • The road to sales is about making friends with your prospect
  • Selling is about the unwritten rule of doing for them and they will do for you
  • Giving a presentation puts you on the doorstep of closed business

These old school thoughts combined with the notion of making more calls doesn’t lead to closed business in today’s high-paced, do more with less world.  Buyers protect their time, and find a general sales call to be, at best a waste of time, at worst a nuisance.

To close more sales, you have to stand out.  The best way that I’ve found is to narrow your focus rather than considering anyone and everyone as a target.  The 3 laws I mentioned previously are below.  When used together, they will guide you around the normal pitfalls that lead to more work but less sales.  They are:

  • Understand what you truly sell, not just what you offer, then use that to Identify Your Ideal Prospect
  • Get Into the Minds and the World of Your Ideal Prospect, And Use Their Words And Issues To Introduce Your Offering
  • Utilize A Prospecting Process That Will Keep Your Selling Effort From Stalling Out, Even When Your Prospects Don’t Respond

Retargeting and remessaging your sales effort so that it cuts through the noise of the marketplace and positioning you ahead of your competition is the surest way to crack the code for more sales and put yourself on the path to attracting more customers, growing your business and improving your sales results.


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