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Get Your Sales People To Perform Better

Get Your Sales People To Perform Better

Is your company being held back because your sales people can’t sell as well as you?  Is their inability to sell costing you revenue, customers and stability?  It doesn’t have to be that way and here’s why!

When sales people continually under-perform, the obvious answer is to get new sales people.  But simply exchanging one sales person for another seldom solves the problem.   As an owner, you’re most likely at the helm of your company because of your passion.  That passion has been the secret advantage that you've used to get into more doors and close new customers.

As your company grew so did the demands on your time.  Ultimately, you had to accept that you couldn't run the company and drive sales too.  So your hired sales people.  As results came in below expectations, it became apparent that your sales team couldn’t sell like you.  In an attempt to right the ship, you told your team to just go and see more people and tell them why it would be a mistake not to become a customer; but your advice didn't change the results they got.  In your frustration you realize that you really can't put your finger on how you did it exactly, you just did it.  Your passion was your advantage.

And that’s the root of the problem.  You can’t force people to have passion nor can you go back to driving sales.  You're stuck!  To get unstuck, you need instruction for your sales team, not pink slips.  Since you can’t inject passion in them, you should bring someone in that has the time, experience, coaching know-how and outside perspective you need to arm them with a process.  A process is repeatable.  Anything that can be repeated, can be measured and improved, so that it yields the results you need.

Your company’s stability is based on its ability to consistently perform.  A good sales month following by two bad ones, does no one any good.  Systems are how big money and success is achieved.  Over time, as your team follows a process, you will see them improve and get better and better.  As they become more effective, you will regain your peace-of-mind about the direction of your business and the confidence you need to achieve what you first set out to do with your business.  The way to higher sales performance is through repetition, not reinventing the wheel.   Having your sales team execute a sales system day-in-and-day-out is the sure-fire way to unleash your company’s ability to grow and make your dreams a reality.


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