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Is Feature and Benefit Selling Costing You Business?

Is Feature and Benefit Selling Costing You Business?

Research tell us that only 10-20% of sales engagements end successfully, with a closed sale.  That’s alarming!  If you’re in sales, the question to ask yourself is, “What I am I doing to stay out of the 80-90% that fail to close?”

If you want to make more sales, you have to attract more opportunities.  The first step is to use language that resonates with your buyer.  Buyers focus on eliminating their pain or problem, but most salespeople are selling gain and improvement.  Remember, 80-90% of sales engagements fail to close, and the vast majority of sales people are taught to sell features and benefits.  So, you do the math.

To speak “buyer language”, craft your message about your offering so that it paints a picture of the pain-problem you solve.  Make your message resonate with your ideal customer by including specific issues your other customers dealt with before doing business with you.  You want your ideal customer to see themselves in your message.  Doing so, will not only make you POWERFULLY IRRESISTIBLE to them, they will immediately see that you are better position to help them and different from your competitors who are pushing features and benefits.

Remember, prospects are ALWAYS more interested in themselves and their pain-problem than in you and your product offering.  Therefore, use pain-problem language, not feature and benefit language.  If you do, you’ll become POWERFULLY IRRESISTIBLE to them and close more business.


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