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Losing Prospects After Your First Meeting?

Losing Prospects After Your First Meeting?

Do you find that your prospects go missing in action (M.I.A.) after your first meeting with them? The initial steps of the sales process are critical!  Mishandle them and you'll lose both the prospect and the sale.

In the beginning, prospects want information.  They are shopping for a solution to their problem and discovering what's available.  They aren't looking to buy at that point. Too often, this critical time is mishandled by owners and salespeople.   We can get “happy ears" and hear what we want, instead of what is actually being said to us.  We can mistakenly interpret our prospect's interest to mean that they are ready to buy, and let ourselves get excited and launch right into our selling effort.  When that happens, we have jumped-the-gun and committed a critical mistake that just cost us the sale; we just don’t know it yet.

Premature selling usually leads your prospect thanking you for your time and agreeing to talk again later; but later never comes.  They leave and are gone.  They are M.I.A., leaving you to wonder what happened.  The mistake was made right out of the gate. The first step to buying is information gathering.  When you try to sell during that step, you often turn their prospect off and cause them to recoil and go away.

To land more business and drive better results, redefine the purpose of the beginning steps of your sales effort.  As odd as it sounds, it's not for selling.  That comes later. Those early steps are for attracting and compelling your prospect, so that you can have an unrushed conversation.  Not so you can try and push for the close.  Rearrange the way that you introduce your offering so that you’re providing the information that buyers are looking for.  Be certain to connect the dots, so they can easily understand how your offering helps them.  Adjusting your focus and message will put you on the right path to closing more sales, and keep your prospects from going M.I.A after that first interaction with you.


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