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Need More Sales? Focus on what you solve, Not What You Sell!

Need More Sales?  Focus on what you solve, Not What You Sell!

Have you ever stopped to think that the product or service that you're offering isn’t what you’re really selling?  The reason a business exist is to solve a problem for its customer.  That's it major purpose.  If you're not introducing your company in terms of the problem you solve, then you're missing a big opportunity to stand out and make more sales.    

Far too many salespeople and business owners, fall into the Offering Trap.  They believe that what they sell is what they actually offer, and so they talk and sell features and benefits.  Prospects aren't particularly moved by this and often see you as just another face in the crowd that's trying to sell something.  For them, you represent little, if any, difference from your competitors - who don't really get them either.  

The key to standing out and landing more sales is to get crystal clear on what it is that your offering solves for your customer.  To stand out to your ideal customer, you have to speak their language.  The best way to do that is by thinking through all of the problem(s) that your offering can solve.  This is a powerful exercise. From it, you'll gain tremendous insight into who you should focus your selling effort on and what to say to grab their attention.  

If you have a customer base, you can make this exercise even more powerful.  All you do is go and talk with 10 of your customers.  Just ask them what issue(s) they struggled with before buying your offering.  

Sure, this exercise requires a little work and some thinking, but it is one of the surest ways to develop a strong selling message, that stands out, so that you get and close more business.   After you're clear on what you solve, then you can hone in on who has that problem.  Without that understanding, selling is a numbers game and that's a tough way to make a living.  

Stop, think and connect.  What do you offer?  What does it solve?  Who has that problem?  This exercise will skyrocket your odds of successfully selling like nothing else.  It will provide you clarity of what you're truly offering and who are your high-value, high-probability targets.  So think it through and narrow your focus.   Understanding what you solve, not what you sell, could be the spark you need to start a sales explosion for you and your company.


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