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One Size Fits All Selling ... Is Costing You Sales

One Size Fits All Selling ... Is Costing You Sales

Selling has changed a lot over the last 20 years with the adoption of the internet.  There seemingly is a new way to sell popping up every day.  But even as things change, there are certain foundations of selling that don’t waiver.  There is one pillar, in particular, that is as true today as it’s ever been.  Get it right and you’ll ignite your sales effort and bring in more business than you can imagine.  But, get it wrong and you’ll miss opportunities and waste valuable selling time fighting to overcome it.

We know more about successful selling today than at any other point; but even with all the know-how available, the majority of businesses and salespeople still need more sales.  Why is that?  Well, one reason is business owners and salespeople continue to sell by the Law of Averages.

A fatal flaw of this approach is using roughly the same message for everyone that crosses your path.  Selling with a one-size-fits-all mentality puts a barrier between you and your sales success, that’s not easily overcome.  Think about all the offers you get by email, radio, bill board and junk mail every day.  Now ask yourself, how many of those offers resonate and cause you to stop and want to know more?  Few if any, right?  Why?  Well, because they were general messages, meant to attract everyone, but in reality they attract no one.

If you’re selling by the Law of Averages, it’s the same for your prospects.  Your generic message, falls on deaf ears and blends into the noise of the marketplace.  To succeed consistently you have to stand out.  The surest way to achieve that is by doing the opposite of everyone else.  If competition is going broad, you have to go narrow.  It’s a strategy that’s passed the test of time and has delivered sales in spades, but few, even with its successful track record use it, which is puzzling.  I believe it’s because it is counter-intuitive.  Most people have bought in to the idea to succeed in selling you have to have a big pool of prospects.  But do you really?

If you look around, you’ll see plenty of examples of businesses and salespeople that have narrowed their focus and have been wildly successful.  There are specialty food shops, specialty restaurant, specialty clothiers, specialty car service centers, specialty professional services, specialize books, specialized training course, and more.  The bottom line is there are tons of successful businesses and salespeople that have taken a different path and that have won big. You can join them!

We know from research that when someone is presented with too many choices, their default response is to not make a choice.  So why not hone your focus and offering to a particular group. If you do, you will stand out from the crowd, and become an option of one, instead of just another face in a sea of many.  Let’s face it, if the results the crowd gets were satisfactory, then there wouldn’t be so many owners and salespeople out there in need of more sales.  There’s a great opportunity here, you just have to seize it!


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