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Rubik’s Cube Lessons For Landing More Sales?

Rubik’s Cube Lessons For Landing More Sales?

Remember the Rubik’s cube, the craze of the early 80’s?  It confounded most, but for a few, solving it was no problem!  Those that consistently solve it had an edge ... they followed a system.  They knew the steps to take, what twists to make and which turns to avoid.  Their system was the key to their success.  Great you say, but what does that have to do with getting more sales?

If you look around, most companies and salespeople today need more sales.  Over the years of helping owners and salespeople, I’ve noticed that many of them go about selling in a haphazard way.  Not to say that they don't care or work hard.  They just rely on their “gift of gab” and personality to sell.  Nothing about their selling approach is structured nor the same two times in a row.  They get some results because of the strength of their personality alone, but not consistently enough to provide the growth and revenue they need to thrive.

Selling by the seat of your pant means that each sales interaction is different.  Granted, selling is not like building a widget on an assembly line, but there are necessary and repetitive pieces to every closed sale.   Randomness and inconsistency eliminates the ability to test new things and see how they work.  Without the understanding of why you are winning business or why you are losing, you're in trouble.  You have no framework for deciding what to do more of and what to eliminate.  So you stay with the status quo, because it's safer to do what you've always done, even if it doesn't get the results you want, than it is to take a chance on losing what you have by making a change.

Fortunately, success leaves clues.  One clue is repetition.  Success comes from repeatability, not randomness.  Recreating the wheel every day, limits your progress. Therefore, if you want to land more sales consistently and take your sales to the next level, you have to follow a sales process.

In any given sales interaction, there are tons of verbal and nonverbal communications happening.  Selling from the hip forces you to process multiple, difficult interactions and communications at the same time.  You have to listen, observe and synthesize what your prospect is saying, while determining where you are with them in the sales process as you handle their questions or objections and strategize your responses to them.  A lot, by any standard.  Unfortunately, such a monumental task often ends with you losing out on the business.

The Rubik’s Cube serves as a visual confirmation that if you follow a system, even a complex puzzle is solvable.  It also shows us how winging it, often will result in a jumbled, disorganized and unsuccessful result.  If you want to consistently close more business, you have to know exactly where you’re going and what you’re looking for, and there is no better way to do that than to follow a plan.  Repetition is the mother-of-expertise.  Think back when you were a kid learning to ride a bike.  When were you better, the first time you rode, or the fifth time?  The 10th time or the 20th time?  The more you did it, the better you got.  And so it’s the same with selling.  Follow a plan, repeat it often, and you will not only master it, you will land more sales.


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