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What Trump Teaches Us About Sales

What Trump Teaches Us About Sales

Regardless of your opinion of Donald Trump, his approach holds a great lesson for how to improve your sales results.

As consumers, we are skeptical and leery.  We’ve been burned in a lot of ways by people and businesses.  We’ve been told things that too many times weren’t accurate or that didn’t include the “full story”.   And that’s where we can learn from Mr. Trump.  Agree with him or not, his approach of telling “it” like it is, and “shooting straight", is attracting a ton of people.  So how can we use this information in our selling effort?

Attracting prospects is the name of the game.  Without interested people, there is no one to sell to.  After attracting them, of course, comes engagement.  And this is where a lot of sales efforts go off the tracks.  Salespeople have a tendency to focus on their side of the equation.  They want to make the sale, so they focus on the “selling” of their product or service, instead of understanding the issues, challenges and desires of their prospect.  They talk a lot, hoping to hit on the hot button that will close the deal, but more often than not, all of their talking only makes their prospect recoil and see them as just another salesperson that’s willing to say or do anything to get a sale.  Most often, those interactions end with the prospect saying, “they need to think it over” and walking away.

If too many of your sales engagements end this way, try this.  Stop verbally bouncing around trying to land on what will close the deal.  Just slow down.  Simply ask your prospect what’s important to them.    And then, really, really listen and absorb what they are telling you.  Don’t just wait for them to stop talking so that you can say the next thing that you think will close the deal.  Engaging versus selling will eliminate any air of being fake and keep you from talking yourself out of an opportunity.

Instead, you’ll know what’s important to them and be able to speak straightforwardly about how you are able to satisfy it for them.  This simple adjustment will signal to your prospect that you are different, help them build trust in you and separate you from other salespeople, which will lead to more opportunities and more closed business.

Like Donald, be different than your competitors.  Stop the verbal gymnastics that come off as fake.  “Shoot straight” with people and you will rise above your competition; because at the end of the day, most people are looking for more truth and less hype.

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