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Why Business Owners Put Off The Changes They Need

Why Business Owners Put Off The Changes They Need

Change is never easy. But as a business owner, admitting that you need help can be even tougher.  For many of you, part of being the boss means that you have all the answers.  Anything that threatens that arrangement is perceived to endanger the company.  Without your employee’s trust, leading them and getting their “buy-in’ into your vision is nearly impossible.  You steer clear of potential problems that could insinuate that you aren’t clear and confident about the direction of the business.  So you project confidence, as you quietly deal with the stress and pressure of running the business and the feeling that you’re drowning while being everyone else’s anchor.

When things aren’t working out, your gut “speaks up”, it tells you it’s time to make a change; but your mind tells you otherwise, that it will be alright, just keep plugging.   This is a normal and an important reaction because it starts you on the psychological path that you’ll have to travel in order to come to grips with the change that must happen to keep your business thriving.  The first step is the resistance step.  You will deny that there even is a problem.  You’ll dismiss the issue as the result of a lack of execution, lack of focus or some other factor.  As the problem persists, you’ll experience anger, that soon is accompanied by frustration, confusion and stress.  Sounding familiar?  Have you gained a few pounds lately?  Drinking a little more?  Maybe even sleeping less than normal?  Uh oh, you got the resistance bug!

At the bottom of all the fighting back, stress and disappointment in the resistance step, you’ll find the willingness to consider change and the openness to try something new and different.  This process may take you weeks, months even years.  But beware, more than 8,000 business close their doors and go out of business here in Kentucky annually.   Waiting too long can be fatal!  Interestingly, business owners typically find that when they are open and committed to a new beginning – using a different and new approach – their old problem goes away.  As they make the transition, their energy comes back, they get excited again and they reengage, as they once did before the problem started.

In the end, they see that the change was a long time coming and worth it.  Now on the other side, they realize that it wasn’t the change that they truly feared, it was the loss of the familiarity in the way that they were doing things and the concern of being seen as not having all the answers.  Letting go of the old way, not only meant learning something new to improve the company, but making the mental commitment to reorienting so that it becomes habit.  If you’re wrestling with a problem that’s impacting your business, it’s normal to resist change; but you have to understand the reality of your situation.  If what you’re doing to solve the problem isn’t working, your business is giving you important information; don’t ignore it.  Waiting too long puts you at risk of becoming one of those 8,000 owners that close down and have to give up on the dream of running their own company.  Remember, your job is to get the answers that keep the business going and growing.  Getting help is an answer, not an admission of weakness or inability.

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