Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up!

By Don Odom

Running a small business is challenging.  At times, the pressure and demands can be overwhelming, causing you to think seriously about hanging it up and stopping.  During those times for me, I found this quote to be inspiring as it reminds me that I must continue to believe and keep moving forward.  I wanted to share it with you.  I hope that you find it motivating and helpful too.

To your success!

Don Odom

Owner, SuccessPath 

About Don 

Don is the founder and owner of SuccessPath Coaching.  He started SuccessPath because he knew that there is more to business success than just executing business x's and o's.  For nearly a decade, he has shared his secret with small business owners for achieving Double-Digit growth and improved personal effectiveness.  He combines his 27 plus years of business ownership experience, Entrepreneurial MBA education and Transactional Analysis Psychology Practitioner insight to help business owners get to the next level.  His unique holistic approach improve sales, marketing, operations, financial competence, and personal-growth, so that business owners can finally have the success that they dreamed of and the freedom to enjoy it. 

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