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Better Business, Better Life Growth System

Better Business, Better Life Business Growth ProgramThe Better Business, Better Life Business Growth System is a 12-month, customized, one-on-one business coaching, sales training and personal growth program.

The program guides you, step-by-step, to develop systems, processes and procedures so that your business doesn't stop running if you take a little time off yourself, family or friends.

You also create and implement a professional, sales process. Complete with scripts, messaging and value development, so that sell more at higher prices and higher margins.

We explore the undeniable link between self-success and business success, to identify any negative self-messaging that may be blindsiding you and sabotaging your results and peace-of-mind.

Finally, you will have an accountability partner to give you feedback that you need, but that you won't get from friends or family. The challenge of running a business is perspective. Having a second set of eyes, that's experience in business, but not biased by your industry is invaluable for identifying pitfalls, threats and opportunities.

The program includes, but isn't limited to the following:

  1. Developing a crystal-clear vision of your ultimate success 
  2. Creating a strategic direction and action plan
  3. Conducting a business and sales skills gap assessment
  4. Recognizing and aligning natural talents and abilities, and
  5. Uncovering hidden internal hurdles that sabotage your result
  6. You will get the Selling Edge Sales System (6 -step process)
    • Smart Start - understanding your ideal-prospect
    • Conversation Kickstarter - what to say to draw-in your ideal prospect
    • Quick Qualifying - how to avoid tire-kickers and time-wasters
    • 21st Century Prospecting - how to keep a flow of opportunities coming
    • Perfect Presentation - what you must-know before your ever present
    • No-Pressure Closing - how to close without pressure or underhanded tactics

    Each of these areas systematically connect to deliver a powerful, but highly usable approach to improving your business and your life. 

    By the end of the program, you will have systems in place so that your business isn't solely dependent on you for it to run and operate, you'll have a professional selling system that delivers revenue consistently, you'll have an accountability with over 25 years of sales and ownership experience, and you'll become aware and improved negative self-messaging that has impacted your results and peace-of-mind. 

    If you've had it with just surviving, but not thriving.  Fed-up with prospects leading you around by the nose - making you jump through hoops but not buying.  Tired of feeling stressed, overworked and overwhelmed, then the Better Business, Better Life Growth Program is for you.

    Take the first step to having the business and success you envisioned when you first started your company, and click on the link below. 

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