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Sell More, Pressure Less

SuccessPath takes a different approach to selling. It focuses on:

  • emphasizing the value that your offering provides for the customer
  • selling from a place of giving and
  • questioning for clarity. 

There’s none of the typical sales crap – no pushiness, cheesiness or sliminess. No fake come-ons or pressure.

You learn how to uncover your prospect’s “real” buying motives, how to avoid failing into the traps created by negative stereotypes of sales people, and how to overcome the mental messages that hold you back from being the best sales person.    

The system was created by Don Odom, SuccessPath Founder, from his 25 years of firing line sales experience in six different industries and owning four separate companies.

The 6 Step System

  1. Smart Start – Target identification and list creation
  2. Conversation Kick-Starter – How to grab attention and engage prospects
  3. 21st Century Prospecting & Follow-up – Convert prospects, avoid stalls
  4. Quick Qualifying – How to quickly identify “shoppers” from “buyers”
  5. Perfect Presentations – What you must know before you ever present
  6. No Pressure Close – No pushing, no arm-twisting, no tricks

Typical client challenges

  • Flailing around, struggling to consistently make sales
  • Taking a back seat, as your prospect drives your sales meetings
  • Fumbling through introducing your business offering
  • Unable to grab prospect's attention
  • Stalling with prospects, losing them in the middle of your sale process
  • Spending more time quoting than closing
  • Forced to sell on price, losing profit
  • Struggling to keep a steady flow of qualified leads to call on

How Does It Work? This is in-person, 1-to-1, step-by-step sales training. Each meeting focuses on strategy, scripts, role-play and discussion.

You’re able to learn the SuccessPath system through real-world examples. You practice and hone the new concepts in the safety of the coaching meetings, so you're armed and confident in your next sales meeting.

Will You Take The Next Step? If you’re fed-up with working hard, but falling short, and ready for a real-world sales process that get results, then the SuccessPath Sales System is for you.

Take the first step to transforming your sales effort from hit-or-miss, random sales acts to a repeatable results-producing process, and contact us.  Just click on the link below.

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