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Solve vs. Sell Checklist

Each year, countless sales opportunities are lost due to weak and ineffective marketing messages.  Prospects that are capable of buying don’t because the business fails to grab their attention.  It's costly mistake!

It happens because nearly all advertisements are product-focused - they focus on and talk about the actual product or service being offered.  That makes the majority of advertisements  sound the same to potential buyers. The upshot is messages miss the mark.  The blend together and fail to grab attention.  

To standout and grab attention, use customer-focused messaging.  SImply said, its advertising that focuses on the solution the offering provides, not the offering.  Virtually everyone hates dealing with problems.  We they occur, we just want them gone. 

Therefore, to grab your ideal customer’s attention, introduce your offering in terms of the problem or issue that it solves for them.  Connecting the dots between their problem (pain) and the solution (your offering), is magic.  Your messages will jump out and resonate.  And when that happens, you marketing transforms into a powerful asset, instead of necessary cost. 

It takes a bit of effort to think past what you sell to what you solve, but the extra work pays handsomely.  Make it easy for your ideal customer to understand how your offering helps them and you will have provided critical information that makes your marketing stand out and get results. 

To make it even more impactful, spend a little extra time identifying the peripheral problems that stem from the main problem your offering solves.  The extra legwork will uniquely position and make buying from you a "no brainer".for your ideal customer.

The key to standing out and attracting attention is knowing what problems you solve, not just what you sell. 

Answer the questions below to reveal what you really sell:

  • What major issue/problem/challenge/pain does your product fix/solve?
  • What additional problem(s) does the main problem create for your ideal customer
  • Who has the problem that you solve?How do your competitor’s message about their offering?
  • How is your marketing messaging unique?

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