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Marketing Edge - Automated Prospect Program

How much more profitable would your business be if prospects were coming to you instead of you having to chase after them.  The Marketing Edge Prospecting Program automates the lionshare of your prospecting efforts.  It helps eliminate the roller coast results of a good month, followed by a bad one, that come from focusing on servicing your existing customers instead of prospecting for new business.

The system is customized to your target prospect.  It incorporates online and offline processes for attracting, connecting and communicating with your ideal prospects. And since it's automated, you can basically set it up and forget it.  It works 24/7, allowing you to smooth out your result and add consistency and reliability to your business.  

The system includes:

  • Creating a sales offer
  • A multi-step lead gen program
  • Offline direct sales letters
  • Online email sales messages
  • A sales post card, and
  • A competition crushing package
This package requires a 4-month engagement.  If you’re looking to stop your up and down sales results, create a steady flow of sale leads and put your prospecting on auto-pilot, then The Marketing Edge Program is for you.