The Better Business, Better Life Business Growth System (Two-Payment Option)


The Better Business, Better Life Business Growth System is a 12-month, customized, one-to-one business growth coaching, sales training and personal growth program.  Through the program's 5-point model, you will:

  1. Develop a crystal-clear vision of your ultimate success
  2. Create a strategic direction and action plan
  3. Conduct a business and sales skills gap assessment
  4. Recognize and align natural talents and abilities, and
  5. Uncover hidden internal hurdles that sabotage your results

Additionally, you'll learn how to effectively sell without being pushy, cheesy or slimy, through the Selling Edge Selling System.  The system has six steps for consistently and reliably delivering results.  They are:

  1. Smart Start - understanding your ideal-prospect
  2. Conversation Kick-starter - what to say to draw-in your ideal prospect
  3. Quick Qualifying - How to avoid tire-kickers and time-wasters
  4. Boomerang Prospecting - How to keep the sales process from stalling
  5. Perfect Presentation - What you must-know before your ever present, and the
  6. No-Pressure Close - How to close without pressure or underhanded tactics

    The 5-point model deepens and expands the training beyond the typical programs that focus solely on scripts and setup only.  The coaching model and the sales process combine to provide strategy and scripts for professionally handling sales interaction along with the tools to overcome the uncertainty and self-doubt that keep you from the results you want.  

    By the end of the training, you will have identified what you really want your business to be, how to run it so that you control and freedom, have a sales system that delivers the revenue you need to grow and thrive, tackled the inner messages that hold you back, and aligned your business activities with your natural abilities, so that your business finally satisfies you professionally and personally. 

    Get started today toward having the company you dreamed you would have when you first started out.  Just click on the button below.

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