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As you likely realize, the Double-Digit Growth System is private 1-to-1 coaching, designed to take you and your business to next level results.  If accepted into the program, you and I will work closely and intently on your business to get the results that you 

want.  To determine if there is a "fit" there a few steps to take.  The steps are laid out here on this page.  Most owners who are serious about getting to the next level don't mind the process.  If that's you I look forward to determining if there is a "fit" for us to work together and achieve great things. 


Don Odom

Don Odom, Small Business Owner Double Digit Growth System
step 1

Complete Questionnaire about your business

Below is a brief questionnaire about your business.  I need to understand what is happening currently, what has happened in the past, and what you want to achieve.  You answers will give me a snapshot of your business and what you're dealing with currently.  It also helps me to identify the biggest, most important challenge happening, and a starting point within the program, should we decide that there is a fit between us.  Please complete all questions.  Provide as accurate information as you have available.

step 2

Schedule a Telephone Conversation

Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will review it and set up a time for us to talk.  Again, our conversation will focus on what's not working currently, you're recent business performance history, along with an overview of my background and the program.  

step 3

Mutually Determine if there is a "Fit"

At the end of our call, we will mutually determine if we have a fit of not.  If there isn't, that will be it.  We will have put the 30-minutes spent together to good use and I am certain that both of us will have benefited in someway from our conversation.  If there is a fit, we will schedule an in-person meeting.  

step 4

Schedule In-Person Meeting

During this meeting, we will discuss the challenges that you're facing in detail, drill down on the results that you want to achieve, dive into what the program covers, and what you can expect to achieve when completed.  From there, if all systems are a go, we will execute an agreement, set a date to get started, and begin the pre-start work needed to get the results that you want.  lose.  

step Next 

Get the Process Started

So it's decision time!  Are you ready for better results and less stress? The hardest part about any decision is taking the first step.  If your business isn't performing the way that you want, let me remind you that problems seldom just go away on their own.  Be careful not to fall into the trap of telling yourself that you will do this later - how many things are on your to-do list right now that you were going to do later. You really got nothing to loose, so fill out the questionnaire and send it.  I will review it and reach out to start the process with you.  I look forward to hearing from you, and the potential of sharing the things that I know for improving business results and increasing your leadership and personal effectiveness.  Don't let this be another thing on your list of things that you meant to do.   

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